Monday, June 3, 2013


My online presence since August has been less than usual as I have been helping care for a sick family member. Much of my time recently had been used as the family taxi for appointments and all around errands. As we are now in a time of recovery I am able to return to a more normal schedule and start some more projects. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The transition has started

Two nights ago I posted my 15" Early 2008 MacBook Pro to Unfortunately the going rate for my generation machine was less then I was hoping for. On the other hand I should be able to come away with a little more then I spent yesterday on my new iPad with Retina (4th generation).

I picked up the 16GB White Wi-Fi only 9.7" iPad. As my first iPad, I did not have an iPad backup to restore. So I restored from my phone's backup. Accounts and many settings did not restore over but the most important piece to copy from iPhone to iPad was my Apps.

As nice as the new iPhone 5 looks, feels, and works, my iPhone 4 is still good enough. I have chosen to get the iPad as my new device and wait to upgrade phones for the next generation.

iBooks and FeeddlerRSS so far are my favorite apps for iPad. This should greatly increase the amount of reading I actually accomplish on a large portable screen.

While FeeddlerRSS is a great Google Reader client, I am having some issues with some of my RSS feeds from in Google Reader. I have been able to recreate those specific RSS feeds and I can check them manually, but I cannot figure out why they do not auto update.

The transition has shown me one more thing I payed no attention to before: I have a great number of resources on my iPad connecting through Google. This is not a bad thing, I simply signed into different services over time on my phone and to sign into them all at once made me really see the true amount: Youtube, Gmail, Blogger, Adsense, Reader, Google+, and snapseed.

Once my MacBook Pro sells on I can then order a new 27" iMac once they are in stock.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

My best wishes to you for 2013. I hope you have a wonderful year of health and great happiness.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Accomplishing Goals with Things

Lists are great. They let me know what work I have completed and what jobs still need to get done.

My biggest problem with todo lists is that I forget to look at them. I've asked my wife to tape lists to the door. If the list was taped too high or too low, I would miss it (not even see it). Over time she stopped writing lists and just gave up on me.

iOS 5 brought Reminders which is okay. Reminders only worked for me once I got Siri. The ability to set location based Reminders is very useful, "When I get home, Remind me to charge my camera batteries."

Things was my default task manager before Reminders and Things continues to be superior for me today.

I can organize in Things by throwing uncategorized tasks into an inbox, waiting to get sorted. Scheduled keeps all my repeating tasks. Projects keeps all the jobs too big to be completed as a single task. Anything categorized as Today is my list of things to get done ASAP.

Things is able to help me track everything from one time tasks to bills (set in Things to repeat on schedule) or Projects broken down into simple steps (Groceries: Milk, eggs, flour). Things can let me tag tasks, make notes and search through a history of completed tasks.

Things works for me because of badge notifications. My experience with Reminders in the past failed because there were no persistent badge notifications. Badge notifications work for me because I hate seeing badge notifications. Whether it's text messages, emails, missed calls, or tasks in Things, I want to clear that badge notification. I'm not trying to get those numbers down, I'm trying to get rid of them. Any time I see Things counting at me, I have a push to get those tasks done.

Things 2.0 introduced things cloud. Setting up a cloud account with Things allows for always unto date synchronization with Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. No matter where I am when given a task, I can enter it into my Things ecosystem from any device I have with me.

Phew, another thing completed from my list.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Out with Friends

While I am not the party starter, I do enjoy evenings out with friends and co-workers. Recently after many goodbye parties, I've had some opportunities to try the camera in my new iPhone 5. I am quite impressed with the quality of stills from the latest generation iPhone with an enhanced ISO of 3,200.

With new ISO capabilities coupled with the F/2.4 lens, great iPhone pictures are possible without flash. On the other hand, panorama is absolutely useless in dark environments. Panoramas should be for grand vistas, not long party tables.

In other news, ├śL Beercafe & Bottle Shop is a fantastic establishment in Walnut Creek, CA, and the Allagash White is my new favorite beer (not the one in the photo).

Side note: Every time Apple has a major launch, I seem to go into digital hibernation. This was been the reason for no posts in the last 3 weeks and why my project 365 doesn't go past spring (last 3 iPad launches). I'm trying to cook up some articles for timed release, which is its own issue. When I take all the time to write up a bunch of posts, I want to share them right away but I have been spacing post dates so there should appear to be a slightly more consistent stream of data.